Makes fishing easier. Kind of like the beers in your boat cooler.

About the Company

Water Gremlin fishing sinkers are uniquely American-designed and American-built to make fishing easier — to help you catch more fish. That’s why they’ve been America’s favorite fishin’ sinker since 1949. For over 60 years Water Gremlin has been helping fishermen with one successful sinker innovation after another.

Water Gremlin Company was founded in 1949, in White Bear Lake, Minnesota as a supplier of innovative products to the recreational fishing markets. Initial products included fishing lures and lead sinkers. Our manufacturing scope broadened in the 1970s to include industry-leading terminals for lead-acid batteries.

We currently have over 160,000 square feet of combined manufacturing and warehousing space in Minnesota. We are the leading supplier of battery terminals to the North and South American battery markets, as well as other markets throughout the world.

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Water Gremlin Company
4400 Otter Lake Rd.
White Bear Township, MN 55110