Bobber n’ Leech Fishing Rig

June 1, 2014 | Categories: Fishing Tips

This is probably the most effective and innovative rig for fishing with leeches or night crawlers on shallow rock piles. First slip the slip bobber over the line, then tie on a number 8 short shanked hook. Place a BB shot six inches from the hook and a larger shot 10 to 15 inches above. The depth is controlled by tying a rubber band around your line at the desired depth above the slip bobber.

Set up the rig so the BB shot is just barely above the bottom and let the waves do the rest. As your bobber is rocked to and fro by the wave action, the leech will bounce enticingly through the boulders, with the BB shot forcing it to drop between the rocks where the lunkers lurk. By rigging in this manner you will seldom get hung up … other than on big fish that is.