04/21/2014 Rhinelander - Fishermen in northern Wisconsin can keep largemouth bass this season. This is the first time in 22 years fishermen won't have to release the fish.

Bob’s Large Mouth Bass Photo

June 20, 2012 | Categories: Fun Stuff,Gremlin Fishing Photos

This is what you call a HOG!   That’s a beautiful 8 lbs., 26 ” Large Mouth Bass that Bob recently pulled in on Moose Pond near Sweden, Maine.  I understand it’s not the largest Bob has caught but it’s a beautiful fish all the same.  Intersting side note, Moose Pond is actually a 7 mile long lake and holds the state record for Largemouth in Maine.   11 lbs, 8 oz. Caught in Denmark, Maine in 1968.   The Gremlin likes!