Flatheads are more apt to eat live fish, channel cats are most likely to consume dead, stinky food and blue cats are somewhere in the middle.  

Chris Photo Submittal

January 4, 2012 | Categories: Fun Stuff,Gremlin Fishing Photos

I first started using water gremlins when I started working in Alaska, now I use them whenever I go fishing. This is a photo of a trout that i sighted out but when i went to put a piece of spit shot on, turns out I left all my split in my car. Luckily I had an old used piece of split stashed in my pocket. Squeezed it back open,popped it on my line, and this is what I got!!! Thanks alot Water Grelin, you have saved the day all so many times, and made my friends and I so happy!!!

Where did that Gremlin come from?