Fishing Destination: The Deschutes River

June 21, 2012 | Categories: Fun Stuff

The Deschutes River (pronounced /dəˈʃuːts/) in central Oregon is a major tributary of the Columbia River. The river provides much of the drainage on the eastern side of the Cascade Range in Oregon. The river is world renowned for its fly fishing. It is home to a unique wild and native strain of Rainbow trout known locally as “redsides” or redband trout. The redsides grow larger than most and also have a distinct darker red stripe than most wild rainbow trout. They are abundant in this stretch of the river, which has counts of 1,700 fish of 7 inches in size per mile (1,100 fish of 18 centimeters in size per kilometer) above Sherars Falls, and they are noticeably stronger than trout, who do not have to cope with life in such a big, powerful river. Sport fishing for Steelhead occurs in the river from the mouth to Round Butte Dam. Sport fishing for spring and fall chinook salmon occurs from the mouth to Sherars Falls. Tribal fishing for chinook and steelhead occurs at Sherars Falls.