Less than one third of fish caught from beneath the ice are eaten. More than 60% are caught and released. Please pass the pork chops.  

Hill Country Texas Digest

January 21, 2016 | Categories: Fun Stuff,Resources

Field & Stream’s 20 Best Classic Hunting and Fishing Stories

Photo Gallery by Jay Cassell
  • Hill Country: Texas Digest
    “Hill Country,” one of Field & Stream’s most popular columns, debuted in April 1977. The best way to introduce you to Gene Hill and his special world is to quote from the opening of his first column, in which he said, ”Hill Country is neither here nor there. It’s the place just over the next rise, that soft pool around the next bend, or that cover you planned to hunt but somehow never did.”

    For 20 years, until his death in 1997, Gene invited readers to pull up a chair by the fire and talk about shotguns, fly rods, dogs, people, and places (not necessarily in that order). This is a sample, on Gene’s love of Texas.