Some fish make sounds by grating their teeth and others, like some catfish, make sounds from their air filled swim bladder.

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February 1, 2016 | Categories: Fun Stuff,Resources

Field & Stream’s 20 Best Classic Hunting and Fishing Stories

Photo Gallery by Jay Cassell
  • Lilyfish

    Bill Heavey was the editor of a construction trade magazine in Washington D.C in the early 1990s when an article he had written for The Washington Post’s Sunday magazine on fishing for smallmouth bass in Virginia’s Shenandoah River found its way to the offices of Field & Stream. Impressed by the writing talent, the editors asked Bill to start contributing to Field & Stream, and his first article, “The Middle Ground,” was published in the magazine in November 1993. It didn’t take long for the editors to realize they had a new major talent on their hands. Though Heavy is perhaps best known for his humorous writing, often in his monthly column, “A Sportsman’s Life,” he is also capable of penning thoughtful, introspective pieces. Here, in a piece that ran in the July 2000 issue, he looks into the depths of his very soul, trying to make sense of the most heart-breaking event a parent could imagine.

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