Why do bass often strike a lure right after being released and not remember it? Because a bass has two memory centers one for each eye.    

John Photo

July 22, 2016 | Categories: Gremlin Fishing Photos

Here’s a great shot of our friend John Quinn holding up a beautiful 18 1/2 inch Largemouth Bass. It was caught July 18, 2016 in a pond in Allegany County in western Maryland using an Arkie Salty BC Soft Craw Jr. crawdad lure. Rumor has it that John used some Water Gremlin BB Round Split Shot – Jigging it up and down at the bottom of the pond. BB’s were perfect as they helped get the lure down without getting it snarled in the weeds. The Gremlin gives this catch Two Thumbs Up. Thanks JohnJohn Quinn