Why do bass often strike a lure right after being released and not remember it? Because a bass has two memory centers one for each eye.    



Water Gremlin’s Premium Steel Slip Sinkers are named Gremlin Green and are one of the true environmentally friendly sinkers on the market.  The perfectly round hole stays round, with no jagged edges, so it doesn’t fray your line. With its full-length, streamlined shape and concave base that covers the nose of the worm, the Gremlin Green Slip Sinker is is designed to slide through the water and go after those hard-to-get-at bass. It allows your rig to sneak through weeds, moss and brush while minimizing tangles and hang-ups.

The Gremlin Green Slip Sinker also works great when used with a live bait rig when going after walleyes in the weeds. Available in Zip-Lips bags.