Record Fish Stories

October 15, 2015 | Categories: Fun Stuff,Gremlin Fishing Photos

Record Fish Stories courtesy of Outdoor Life by Rick Bach  June 3rd, 2013

Fluke: Honest Angler

Angler: Monica Oswald
Where: Monmouth County, N.J.
When: August, 2007
Weight: 24.3 Pounds
Previous Record: 22.7 Pounds, 1975, Charles Nappi

Why it’s Interesting: In the end, it wasn’t anything amazing or odd that disqualified Oswald’s enormous summer flounder as a potential world record. She did take the fish home after weighing it and stick it in the freezer. There, somehow, a wild animal ravaged it before IGFA officials could examine it. But, the highly coveted fluke record remained unbroken because, in the end, Oswald was honest. She admitted she’d rested the rod on the rail of the boat while fighting the fish off New Jersey’s Shrewsbury Rocks. That small detail made her record “unofficial,” as she broke IGFA rules. Would you be that honest with a potential record fish?

-Photo courtesy IGFAStory 9