Spawn Fishing Rig

July 12, 2013 | Categories: Fishing Tips

Spawn, or “salmon eggs” in the West, is one of the deadliest baits you can use . . . especially if you go after trophy trout and salmon. Female fish contain spawn in egg skeins. If the skein is firm, cut it into marble-size chunks and use immediately. Attach a pencil-type float or, for traditionalists, round bobber to your line about three feet or so above a swivel. Run a two foot leader between hook and swivel. Crimp a Snap-Loc® to the top end of the swivel or a split shot just above the swivel, and you’re ready for action. You can experiment with different lengths from float or bobber to the sinker to keep your bait near the bottom. Cast upstream and let your spawn drift with the current.