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Tom Photo

January 4, 2019 | Categories: Gremlin Fishing Photos


We all have read Hemingway’s novel “The Old Man and the Sea”, well here we have The Old Man! Actually this is a great photo of one of “The Gremlins” […]

Luke Photo 2

September 12, 2018 | Categories: Gremlin Fishing Photos


Well The Old Gremlin asked Luke Tomczyk, if he happened to haul in another nice fish would he mind sending in the picture? Here’s that picture. Rumor has it that’s […]

Carlye Photo

September 10, 2018 | Categories: Gremlin Fishing Photos,Uncategorized


What a great shot of Carlye Tomczyk expertly displaying what can only be described as a beautiful Walleye. That really is a nice one! But The Old Gremlin just noticed […]

Landon Photo 1

September 6, 2018 | Categories: Gremlin Fishing Photos


Not to be outdone by his older brother, here we have Landon Tomzcych holding up what appears to be another great looking slab Crappie!! Boy they must have been biting […]

Luke Photo 1

September 4, 2018 | Categories: Gremlin Fishing Photos


Well look who we have here. It’s none other than The Gremlin’s very own neighbor, Mr. Luke Tomzcych. “The Gremlin” heard that Luke and his family were up on Bowstring […]

Bruce/Alex Photo

August 14, 2018 | Categories: Gremlin Fishing Photos

Bruce and Alex Kowalski

Great father/son picture of Mr. Bruce Kowalski and his son Alex. Looks like you’ve got a super secret spot for nice Smallies there guys!! Love the TAAR Fishing gear! If […]

Jim Photo 5

August 1, 2018 | Categories: Gremlin Fishing Photos

Jim Newton 27.5 in

You know words can’t really explain the beauty of a just pulled in Walleye. This great pic was sent to us from our good friend Jim Newton on an outing […]

Jim Photo 4

July 20, 2018 | Categories: Gremlin Fishing Photos


Hi Bill, You look pretty proud of daughters, Abby and Ellie, holding up a nice pan fish. The Gremlin recognizes that lake, is that White Bear Lake? Looks like both […]

Jim Photo 3

July 5, 2018 | Categories: Gremlin Fishing Photos


Here’s Abby and Ellie again on White Bear Lake. WOW! That’s a nice crappie you’ve got there. What a beautiful looking fish and it really looks like it was a […]

Bruce Photo 1

July 2, 2018 | Categories: Gremlin Fishing Photos

Bruce Kowalski 2 (2)

Here we have an old friend of “The Gremlin”, SSG Bruce Kowalski / U.S. Army Retired. That’s a great picture of a very nice Smallie you’ve got there Bruce! WOW, […]