In Thailand on July of 2005, a fisherman caught a 646-pound giant Mekong catfish. It was as big as a grizzly bear.  

The Total Fishing Manual

January 8, 2018 | Categories: Fun Stuff

The Total Fishing Manual – Joe Cermele

Leave it to Field & Stream to put together the most practical, utilitarian, and downright essential guide to fishing as we know it today. From babbling brooks to open ocean, this guide helps novice and advanced fisherman alike. Well-illustrated and logically laid out, this really is a great how-to book, which has one noble purpose: to help you catch more fish! It covers everything (ok, technically 317 things) a fisherman needs to know – lures, baits, flies, tackle and equipment of all kinds. There are also strategies, technique, locations, and more – this is one of the most comprehensive fishing books ever published.r4XtCQAAQBAJ