Put a Gremlin on your line. You’ll catch more fish.

Trace Adkins “Just Fishin”

December 27, 2016 | Categories: Fun Stuff

Top 10 Country Songs About Hunting and Fishing
By Christina Vinson

Hunting and fishing go hand in hand with country music, country boys and country girls. As anyone who’s hooked a big bass or displays a deer head above their mantle knows, the wait is worth it. But, whether you’re wearing camo and sitting in a rickety tree stand or relaxing out on the water in a rickety fishing boat, you need some good mood music (in your headphones only! Don’t want to scare the animals away …). Hunting and fishing songs are a dime in a dozen in country music, but there are several that stand out — and we’re in love with the following 10 tunes hook, line and sinker.

#4 “ Just Fishin’”
Trace Adkins
Adkins’ “Just Fishin’” received a Grammy nod for Best Country Song, and it’s not hard to see why. The track is utterly heartwarming: It’s a song about a father fishing with his daughter — and so much more. They’re not “just fishin’,” as his sweet little girl thinks. “And she thinks we’re just fishin’ on the riverside / Throwin’ back what we could fry / Drownin’ worms and killin’ time / Nothin’ too ambitious,” Adkins reveals in the chorus, but they’re actually making memories — big ones and small.