About The Water Gremlin

Good day.  My name is Gremlin.

I’m the little member of the Water Gremlin family who loves fishing, exploring lakes, and crafting the best sinkers in the world.

During the summer I live in a secret dwelling on the shores of White Bear Lake in Minnesota, but during the long winters I move into an ice house with a giant workshop. It’s there that I spend many hours pursuing my lifelong passion–drawing, designing and crafting the highest quality sinkers. My passion is the reason Water Gremlin sinkers hold tightly, yet kindly, to your line and give anglers everywhere more time to wet their lines.

I also love to fish, eat fish, tinker with boat motors, and spy on fishermen from bushes and stumps on shore. So be sure to look closely next time you’re out on the water. You might just spot my pointy ears among the reeds and bushes.

Other interesting facts about Gremlin:

• I wake up every morning at sunrise and go for a half-hour swim, for exercise, and a half-hour snorkel, to watch fish and study the lake habitat.

• My favorite fish to eat is walleye. I also enjoy cinnamon toast, warm M&M cookies, and an occasional minnow.

• My ancestors are the gremlins who often made life interesting for England’s Royal Air Force and the United States Merchant Marines during WW2. That’s why I sometimes get a little mischievous.

• I like to tinker with fishermen’s boat motors. If I see my sinkers in a tackle box, I’ll make the boat run better.  If not, well…

• I accidentally hooked my friend, Bob, through the nostril once.

• My favorite music is anything that includes the banjo.

I hope you enjoy the good old-fashioned, gremlin craftsmanship I put into each and every Water Gremlin sinker. Good luck on your next outing!

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