Bull●Shot™ Bullet Shaped Split Shot

March 1, 2014 | Categories: Fishing Tips

The Gremlin’s unique Bull●Shot™ is as easy to use as our good old Split Shot and weedless as any slip sinker.

When you use a Bull●Shot, pry open a little so that the line will be able to go all the way down in the split at the pointed (front) end of the sinker. There is a line organizer in the back of the Bull●Shot. If your line rests down on these two points before you squeeze it on, it will be perfectly centered and balanced on the line, and will be completely weedless. If you don’t get the line all the way down in front, your sinker will be off center, which could cause it to spin and catch weeds. Squeeze on with finger pressure. Do Not Use Pliers, as this will damage your line, nor will it hold as well. There is a thumbnail slot in the sinker that makes it easy for you to pry off. It will come off easier than you think because the split goes almost all the way through the sinker. Now you can change sinkers in the wink of an eye without having to cut and retie your rig.

Bull●Shot is a very easy, versatile sinker that works great casting for Bass in heavy cover or for twist free trolling.