Water Gremlin

Water Gremlin Fishing Sinkers

Water Gremlin fishing sinkers are uniquely American-designed and American-made to make fishing easier — and to help you catch more fish! That's why they've been America's favorite fishing sinker since 1949. For over 70 years, Water Gremlin has been helping those who love to fish with one successful sinker innovation after another.

Water Gremlin fishing sinkers in various sizes

Water Gremlin developed the Rubbercor® Sinker, the first truly original idea in sinkers since the weights were first used in angling. Rubbercor® slips easily on and off your line. Just give the rubber ears a half twist in opposite directions, and you're ready to take your bait down to where the fish are biting.

Water Gremlin offers over 21 types of lead or Gremlin Green stainless-steel sinkers in various weights and sizes for every type of fishing from fresh to salt water to ice fishing.

Where to buy

Water Gremlin sinkers are sold at most retailers selling fishing equipment or your local bait shop.

Various Water Gremlin sinkers in packaging