bull shot

Bull•Shot/Drop Shot Rig

October 14, 2014 | Categories: Fishing Tips

This rig not only brings up winners, it’s also a great value because Bull●Shot works better than regular drop shot at a fraction of the cost. When working your bait […]

Quick Carolina Rattle Rig

August 3, 2014 | Categories: Fishing Tips

When going after trophy bass, here’s a rig that’s quick, easy and helps bring up keepers. Place two Bull●Shots on your line less than an inch apart with a bead […]

Gremlin’s State Record Fish of the Month

June 17, 2014 | Categories: Fun Stuff

May 2, 1992 was a nice day on the Little Red River for Howard “Rip” Collins. He landed this 40 lbs. 4 oz. brown trout, the largest on record in […]

Bull●Shot™ Bullet Shaped Split Shot

March 1, 2014 | Categories: Fishing Tips

The Gremlin’s unique Bull●Shot™ is as easy to use as our good old Split Shot and weedless as any slip sinker. When you use a Bull●Shot, pry open a little […]

Brandon Photo 2

November 12, 2013 | Categories: Fun Stuff,Gremlin Fishing Photos

Here’s another shot of Sergeant Brandon Seutter holding up a 4 pound, 13 oz., Largie caught last July near Nevis, MN. Sergeant Seutter and family take a trip every year […]

Tish Photo 1

November 5, 2013 | Categories: Fun Stuff,Gremlin Fishing Photos

Here’s a nice picture of Tish Seutter holding up a 3 pound, 2 oz. Smallie she caught a few weeks ago on the Big Piney River, Ft. Leonard Wood, MO. […]

Brandon Photo 1

October 31, 2013 | Categories: Fun Stuff,Gremlin Fishing Photos

Here is a great shot of SGT. Brandon Seutter, US Army, Ft. Leonard Wood, MO., holding up this 6 pounds 15 oz. Large Mouth Bass he caught on a recent […]

Perry Photo

September 6, 2013 | Categories: Fun Stuff,Gremlin Fishing Photos

What’s that old saying,”Two Bass are better than One?” Well Perry’s putting that old saying to the test with these two nice Large Mouth Bass he hauled in from a […]

Texas Flippin’ Rig

July 17, 2013 | Categories: Fishing Tips

Here’s the perfect rig for working heavy cover near the shore. Butt your Bull●Shot up against the head of your plastic worm. With this weedless rig, you can use a […]

Getzit/Split-Shottin’/Finesse Fishing Rig

July 10, 2013 | Categories: Fishing Tips

No matter what you call it, this is the perfect set-up for top water fishing. Place a small Bull●Shot 1 to 2 feet in front of a small floating worm, […]