Fishing Joke

September 24, 2012 | Categories: Fun Stuff

Pat and Mick are fishing in a boat out at sea. A bottle floats by and Pat picks it out of the water. Wanting to see what’s in the bottle, […]

Fishing Joke

August 20, 2012 | Categories: Fun Stuff

A few minutes before the services started, the townspeople were sitting in their pews and talking. Suddenly, Satan appeared at the front of the church. Everyone started screaming and running […]

Is it Monday Already?

August 6, 2012 | Categories: Fun Stuff

So Monday is here. Does this statement apply to you?   Born to fish. Forced to work.

Fishing Joke

May 7, 2012 | Categories: Fun Stuff

A small town Doctor was famous in the area for always catching large fish. One day while he was on one of his frequent fishing trips he got a call […]

Fishing Joke

April 2, 2012 | Categories: Fun Stuff

An American investment banker was at the pier off a small coastal Mexican village when a small boat with just one fisherman docked. Inside the small boat were several large […]

Fishing Joke

January 23, 2012 | Categories: Fun Stuff

It was a cold winter day. An old man walked out onto a frozen lake, cut a hole in the ice, dropped in his fishing line, and waited patiently for […]

Fishing Joke

December 26, 2011 | Categories: Fun Stuff

A priest was walking along the cliffs at Dover when he came upon two locals pulling another man ashore on the end of a rope. “That’s what I like to […]

Fishing Joke

November 28, 2011 | Categories: Fun Stuff

A man was stopped by a game-warden in Northern Algonquin Park recently with two buckets of fish leaving a lake well known for its fishing. The game warden asked the man, […]

Fishing Joke

October 27, 2011 | Categories: Fun Stuff

No one in this town could catch any fish except this one man. The game warden asked him how he did it, so the man told the game warden that […]

Fishing Joke

September 19, 2011 | Categories: Fun Stuff

One day a rather inebriated ice fisherman drilled a hole in the ice and peered into the hole and a loud voice said, “There are no fish down there.” He […]